This is the smartphone with the best camera according to our blind test.

This is the smartphone with the best camera according to our blind test.

At the end of last year, we invited members of our community to vote for a blind test. We selected five smartphones, captured the same images, with the same ambient lighting characteristics, and asked them to vote for the best images. The Galaxy S7 Edge competed as the current champion, but to the surprise of many, who took the trophy was a device from Sony!

In our two tests of this style, the smartphone that most readers chose best was the Sony Xperia Z5. However, our international team recently performed a new blind test, and from this the Galaxy S7 Edge emerged victorious.

Sony returns to its original post in 2017

However, Sony returns to its original post in 2017. Leaving behind the cameras of smartphone B, the Galaxy S7 Edge, smartphone A, Xperia X Performance, was elected with 38% of the 1,943 votes on the site. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S7 Edge got 18% of them.

But what really caught my attention was not the smartphone And, HTC 10, to be last with 3% of the votes, but what should be the best camera phone of the moment, the Pixel XL, in this test as smartphone C , stay in fourth place. Finally, secondly, we have the Huawei Mate 9, which pleased 25% of our blind test participants. Check out the list of devices below and then the poll result:

blind test 3
Xperia X Performance voted the best camera smartphone in Android / AndroidPIT

Provocation: As a user of the Galaxy S7, which has the same camera hardware as the Galaxy S7 Edge, this result seems unfair to me. You might think this is a branded fan reaction, but of all the smartphones I've tested to date, none has beaten the picture and video quality of Samsung's latest line. With that, I don't want to downplay the Xperia X Performance's camera, or our community's vote, but compare the photo captured at night and tell me if the image of smartphone B is not much better than that of smartphone A?

If you do not agree with this result, do not worry, in the coming months we will have another edition of our blind test with the new Galaxy S8, LG G6 and of course the great Xperia X Performance!

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