This is the result (impressive) of more than 17 thousand people together in a virtual choir

There goes the time when to have a choir it was necessary to have a group of people together physically singing at the same time. One of the proofs of that comes with Virtual Choir, an online platform that unites singers from all over the world in a common passion for music and that in the middle of the pandemic brought together more than 17,000 singers in a virtual choir, a record for the website.

Created in 2009, through the American composer and conductor Eric Whitacre, the site brings singers in a new way with technology. The goal is for musicians to record the moment they are singing and send the video, regardless of where they are. Each of the videos is synchronized and combined in a single performance, thus creating a virtual chorus.

The idea came up when a fan of the conductor sent him a video of her own singing one of his compositions. Eric Whitacre saw the content and asked other people to record themselves while singing other parts of the same song to form a "choir".

See in the photo gallery the six performances of the virtual choir since 2010.

Since 2010, the year in which the first virtual choir was compiled, six exhibitions are already available on the platform. The latter, and in the middle of a pandemic, was published on July 19 and the largest project on the site so far. Altogether 17,572 singers participated in perfect harmony, even physically separated from each other.

Watch the video of the last performance of the virtual choir.

The numbers now contrast with the initial reality. In 2010, 185 singers participated in the first virtual choir, reaching more than 8,000 voices in 2018.

In practice, how does the whole process unfold? The site has three people responsible for audio editing and six members who review each submission of the videos, also integrating two executive producers. For those who are outside, it remains to enjoy the music.