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This is the most advanced state of Samsung Assistant in the Galaxy S8

You may have heard about Bixby, Samsung's virtual assistant, which was announced in conjunction with the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 +. Although official, however, the service that places Samsung as a competitor in the AI ​​area is still in beta, that is, in the testing phase. Yesterday, Bixby's voice command feature was released in the US and we now know what its actual development stage is.

During Samsung's flagship launch event in late March, our team got a chance to see a demo of Bixby. Also, I was able to test some of the features on a Galaxy S7 and then on the Galaxy S8. At this time, in Brazil and other regions, you can use the S8 or S8 + embedded wizard, but only two features: Bixby Vision (limited support) and Bixby Cards.

bixby pt assistant samsung greeting card
Some of the cards you can already use / AndroidPIT

However, as well as Google Assistant, Cortana, Alexa and Siri, which makes this type of service really smart is the option of using the voice to interact with the system or even perform complex actions without the need for hands, ie put the machine to work for the user.

Samsung calls this feature Bixby Voice and has finally released limited use of the tool in the US. Voice commands are available to users enrolled in the Bixby testing program. As I was still unable to test it, as it is restricted to the North American market, I selected the two videos below, where you can already see the Samsung Assistant running on the Galaxy S8.

The verge

"Compared directly to Google Assistant, Bixby Voice is going through embarrassing moments. Until things get better, a lot of people will wonder," What's the point of that? "I'm not sure Bixby Voice will save us any terms, Since so much goes through the same menus and screens that you would do with your finger to do tasks. "

Droid Life

"Bixby is quite complex compared to Google Assistant, which uses Google's search engine, integrates the company's services, databases and all of its knowledge in this area. Bixby already functions more as a search and control tool. Inside your own smartphone. To open apps and navigate to different places, edit videos and launch voice recorders. That's what Bixby does instead of being an assistant that helps you use Google services. "

And can you see potential in Bixby? Which assistant do you use on your smartphone right now?

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