This is the cost price of the Galaxy S7 and not expensive

This is the cost price of the Galaxy S7 and not expensive

Even for those who like Samsung, there is no denying that lately the company has extrapolated in the price of their smartphones. A recent report, released by the IHS consultancy, revealed how much would be a Galaxy S7 if it could buy all the necessary parts in the market. You will be amazed!

Something around $ 255, just under $ 930. That's the estimated cost for the sum of all Galaxy S7 components. Wouldn't it be a dream if today it was possible to buy a flagship for less than 1,000 reais?

Of course, some important costs are not included in this price, such as labor, software development or logistics, but it is already possible to get an idea of ​​how much the company profits from each device sold.

$ 255 estimated cost for the sum of all Galaxy S7 components

The most expensive piece of the Galaxy S7 is the Snapdragon 820 processor, which costs about $ 62, or a quarter of the total value of the device. The report does not show, but this cost should be slightly lower for the Exynos 8890 model that will be sold in Brazil, as it is manufactured by the company.

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 3 w782
Galaxy S7 dual-pixel camera priced at under $ 15 / ANDROIDPIT

Another component mentioned is the camera. As recently discovered, depending on the model the device may come with different sensor, some with Sony and others made by Samsung itself. The price estimate is $ 13.70.

You might think that the cost of producing a top-of-the-line product must have increased over the years, which would justify the price increase. However, as mentioned by Re / Code, the cost price of the Galaxy S7 is the same as the Galaxy S5, two years ago. A sign that the use of noble components such as metal and glass do not weigh so much on the final value of the device.

In addition to the cost of research and development, factories, logistics and the profit share of the company and retailers, another important factor that weighs on the final value to the consumer is marketing.

Smartphone turned status signal and Samsung knows this very well. At the 2014 Oscars, it is estimated that the selfie taken by actress Ellen DeGeneres to promote the Galaxy Note 3 cost the company $ 20 million trifle.

And with the Galaxy S7 would be no different. the company's main launch in the year. If you are considering buying the device, be aware that in addition to sensational hardware and design, you are also paying Lil Wayne to do this:

And you, how much do you think is fair to pay for a device like the Samsung Galaxy S7? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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