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This guy upgraded iMac components and saved nearly $ 2,000 over official upgrades offered by Apple.

Unsurprisingly, no one Apple charges (very) dearly for any kind of Mac upgrade. We also know that moving inside a iMac nowadays a difficult task but Quinn Nelsonfrom the channel Snazzy labs from YouTube, decided to ignore this difficulty and customize one at heart.

To do this, he bought a 27 ″ Retina 5K iMac and upgraded it to Apple: he replaced his original 1TB Fusion Drive with a 512GB SSD, paying $ 300 more for it. With that, the machine started costing $ 2,099.

Nelson then also bought an Intel Core i7-7700K CPU, a 2TB Crucial MX300 SATA SSD, 64GB of G.SKILL's PC4-19200 RAM, and some other necessary accessories, spending the game over $ 1,372.

Opening the Mac and making the replacements is not for anyone, but Nelson said he was surprised that he thought it would be worse. He prepared, of course, and purchased iFixit tools for this kind of work. It turned out that it only took about an hour to complete everything.

The result: Nelson's iMac beats Apple's custom flagship in numbers benchmarks, it's him saved $ 1,828 compared to what you would pay if you did all the official upgrades. Sure, it lost the Mac warranty, but for that price difference it was definitely worth it.

Who would risk her doing something like that? 😉

via Softpedia