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This gadget can make smartphone covers unnecessary!

Everyone likes beautiful smartphones, and the protective cases don't always show all the design lines of our devices. We found a gadget that could be the solution to this dilemma: security without a case. Meet the Handysling below.

The problem is as old as the cell phones themselves. Here's the situation: You pay good money for a smartphone, at least in part because you like its look. But at the same time you want to protect it and don't find a case that lets your design show.

The covered look makes it heavier and thicker than before and the device looks like any other with a cover.

handysling 4
Handysling attaches to the back of your smartphone. / ANDROIDPIT

Do I always have to choose between design or security? Luckily, a new gadget can reconcile these two aspects again. The invention is called Handysling. It consists of a base made of plastic that can be attached to the back of your smartphone and, as the name suggests, serves to attach your fingers to the device.

handysling 1
You can use Handysling to replace a case. / ANDROIDPIT

Some find it a waste of time, others come potential in the gadget. We have not yet decided whether this is a useful or unnecessary invention. But of course, we'll find out soon. We will try Handysling for a week and tell you about our experience.

If you want to try the gadget too, you can purchase it directly from its official website. It costs $ 24.37, but if you type AndroidPIT on the discount coupon of the site you get 40% off Handysling (which goes out for R $ 15,23 plus shipping):

What did you think of the news? Would you use it on your smartphone?

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