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This feature will further protect your Android. Learn how to use it

Google has been working hard to make Android an increasingly secure platform. A good example of this is the Google Play Protect feature, announced in the latest Google I / O, as a feature that enhances the safety of Android 8.0. It turns out that, fortunately, this function is coming to other versions of the system. In this article I teach you how to use it and also to understand a little about its operation.

Google Play Protect is a kind of native Android antivirus, and its main purpose is to scan the Play Store apps that are installed on your device. This work of checking background apps behavior is done daily and automatically. All you have to do is keep this feature enabled in the security settings.

Before you open the security panel and search for Google Play Protect on your smartphone, be aware that I need to keep Google Play Services up to date. Services is a service – or API for the latter – that manages device authentication processes with services available on the Play Store. Basically, this is the way Google found to add small features to the system without the user having to wait for a major update from the device manufacturer.

Of course there are other advantages to using Play Services on our smartphones. However, what you need to do now to update it to enable Google Play Protect:

Google Play Services
Install on Google Play

How to use Google Play Protect

As I said earlier, Google Play Protect scans all apps in the Play Store, including those installed on our devices. According to Google, the feature analyzes the behavior of 50 billion apps and games daily around the world. If it finds any viruses, malware or suspicious behavior, the user is alerted immediately.

To enable it, go to: System Settings> Google> Security. Remember that this feature may not be available on your smartphone now, as Google is slowly releasing Google Play Protect. If it is not available, I recommend that you keep Play Services enabled and wait a little longer.

google play protect
Google Play Protect feature / AndroidPIT

The latest versions of the Play Store flag in the downloads section and each app if it has been verified by Google Play Protect. In addition to checking apps, Protect also monitors malicious links accessed from Google Chrome, including downloaded APKs.

Keep in mind that Protect can go months without sending alerts, as some issues we encounter with Play Store apps are addressed before you even install them on your smartphone. In addition, the Android store has its own protection system that eliminates possible spyware. Therefore, Play Protect can be especially beneficial for those who download content from outside the store or click on suspicious internal advertisements.

Did you find Play Protect on your Android? What do you think about the app proposal?

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