This feature promises to bring more quality to Google Camera images.

Many readers of AndroidPIT They send me emails saying they can no longer find the Google Camera in the Play Store. They are right, the app no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger appears in the Google store on the desktop, but the smartphone can still download it. I just did that for a very simple reason, the next Google Camera update should bring support for the RAW format.

Not new to anyone familiar with the Android operating system for some time now, the camera software developed by Google is quite simple. I often say that for those who just want a camera to launch and take a photo, without much expectation, Google's camera is doing a good job and has features like Panorama, Photo Sphere and even focus effect. But Sony's software on the Xperia Z2 offers me a lot more options.

RAW offers users more options in post-image editing

However, according to an analysis of the Google Camera app code, the folks at Android Police realized that Google developers are considering offering new image formats to users. New now is the future support for RAW images.

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Google may bring more image formats to Android / ANDROIDPIT camera stock software

When I tested the Nexus 6P, I noticed a considerable improvement in camera performance. And since November 2013, Google has been talking about bringing RAW files to pure software. The idea is that the Google camera will automatically save captured images in RAW and JPEG formats. This would offer users more options in post-image editing.

Why would RAW be cool on pure Android?

Think that most standard camera applications save images in JPEG format. Thus, when you take a photo, the camera sensor data goes through processing in which the image is manipulated by a series of algorithms to produce a quality photo.

JPEG files are smaller and have better quality at first glance

The RAW format, also known as DNG (Digital Negative), Designed to store all data collected by the camera sensor with little or no processing. This data, later in post-image processing in PhotoShop, for example, allows for more flexibility in editing time than JPEG.

DNG files are much larger and may not look so good once captured

Generally speaking, we get the impression that JPEG files are smaller and have better quality at first glance. However, if you want to make modifications and exposure corrections, for example, it will be more difficult, because the image has been processed before, not "virgin".

DNG files are much larger, take up more space on your machine, and may not look so good once captured, but with the right software, time, and skill, they can often be used to produce a better end result.

The images we use to illustrate the articles on the site are generally captured in RAW so that our photo editors can make the most of them after they are captured. Or even for more creative jobs like our team page.

How to have the latest version of Google Camera

To get the latest version of Google Camera on your Android, download the APK of version 3.2.045 from this link. Remember that the APK is already available and the encryption signature ensures that the file is safe to install and has not been tampered with in any way.

And what else would you like to see in the Android stock camera software?

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