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This developer knows how to use the full power of Zenfone 2's 4GB RAM.

We already know that Zenfone 2 is a very powerful smartphone, with its Intel processor and 4GB of RAM, but one XDA developer proved that the ASUS phone capable of more, more than ASUS itself could imagine: capable of running virtually Windows 7 complete and updated.

XDA-Developers member ycavan can get Windows 7 to work on a local virtual machine accessed by an aSPICE KMV client. Windows is not being emulated on the phone. The process is quite complex, and requires a lot of patience and technical skills.

The phone of choice was the Zenfone 2 processor, which carries Intel's x86 architecture. Windows is a bit slow, obviously, but stable enough to use. For those who have a Zenfone 2 available, a copy of Windows 7 and a microSD with plenty of space, the instructions are in an XDA forum, but a very important warning: you need to unlock the bootloader and install a custom kernel. As you may already know, this may brickar The telephone.

Two questions come to mind after watching the video above: Who needs Windows Phone when it is possible to have a full Windows on your smartphone? Isn't it heresy to install a Microsoft operating system on a beautiful Android machine?

How about a Zenfones 2 running Windows?