This charger will make your Apple Watch levitate!

Are you planning to buy a charger for your Apple watch? At the? And if I tell you that the LIFT make your watch levitate while carrying besides also being a powerbank?

The LIFT has a base made of aluminum and ceramic that connects electrical energy. At the top, she has hands, which are responsible for making Watch levitate when in the floating charger.

The creative company, whose very suggestive name (Levitation Works, something like "Levitation Works"), explained how this could be done.

How do we do it? Our own induction system was inspired by Tesla's original ideas aimed at transferring electrical energy through the Tester. We took this radical concept and adapted it to be possible to transfer energy while magically levitating in space without the need for wires.

As you can see on the very “Appliest” video, LIFT was very much inspired by both Ma and Porsche Design products. The available colors, for now, are black or white.

The charging unit can also be used as a powerbankand can provide two extra charges to the Apple Watch or one emergency battery for your iDevices. Speaking of them, the base also serves as a wireless charger for your iPhone or iPad. In addition, the larger “Pro” version of LIFT (image below) has one space for wireless charging and one for charging your devices vertically.

Lift Apple Watch

Specifically, the company has also made available a lamp that levitates to be sold at or instead of the charger.

At Kickstarter, the project has a target of $ 44,000 and has already exceeded $ 200,000 in revenue, with over 950 supporters and more than a month to go! If you would like to contribute to the project, LIFT can be purchased from US $ 160 (plus US $ 35 for delivery in Brazil, due in October).

(via 9to5Mac)