This app helps you quickly transfer files from Mac to iPhone (and vice versa)

This app helps you quickly transfer files from Mac to iPhone (and vice versa)

If you use iCloud or AirDrop to transfer files from your Mac to your iDevice, will agree with me that the connection between the two is not always a breeze. Looking for third-party apps that do the same job, but better, it's not that difficult. Despite this, most of them use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect the devices.

After testing several possibilities, the developer Neeraj Jhanji thought of a solution that does not use cables, nor Bluetooth, nor needs internet to transfer files between devices. Meet the AirMount.

How is that possible? "Magic". Or at least how they advertise the app. In fact, Jhanji created an easy way for Macs to connect to devices that are nearby.

First, you need to download the app for iOS and also for Mac, which you can find on the website itself. Once installed, it asks you to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth just to pair the device. The application recognizes devices very quickly and a Finder window appears with your photos and videos all organized in folders; A beauty.

In addition, there is the application's “Drive” folder, which allows you to create as many folders as you like and “throw” any file. When you access the app from the iPhone, you can view different types of files; I tested the MP3, PDF, TXT, DOCX extensions and managed to view them normally. Some others, like ZIP, were downloaded but it was not possible to view. Either way, you can still download and view it with another application, as you can use the “Share” function.

On the Mac, you can edit photos, delete, move, etc. And when a change is made, a notification appears on the device asking if you authorize it. Very simple and intuitive.

Incidentally, both the iOS app and the Mac app are free, so download now and try it out to make your own conclusions.

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