Third-party utilities allow data to be written to NTFS hard drives on Mac

Macintosh HD coneDeveloped by Microsoft alongside Windows NT, the NTFS (New Technology File System) a file system that today can be read without problems on Macs, but not recorded. This means that you can access, play and copy files stored on an NTFS-formatted hard disk, but you cannot delete or drag anything onto it.

The subject came up in the on Air # 053, which we published last Saturday. In the question / answer session, the writer wrote to you to copy the data stored on your external HDD to another in order to reformat it in a file system such as Mac OS Expanded or ExFAT (both fully compatible with Macs), however forgot that there are third party solutions that solve this “problem”.

As it is raining tips from several readers about this, we decided to make an article to disseminate the information. A few years ago we talked about MacFUSE, but it has been abandoned since the end of 2008; We also published an article specifically on how to enable NTFS writing on (Mac) OS X, citing Paragon NTFS, which in 2010 even went on sale and was free for a short period.

O NTFS for Mac of the Paragon Software Group (PSG) remains standing, firm and strong, and costs $ 20. It promises to be very simple to install / configure and fully compatible with OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

But there is another solution that we have not yet talked about here on the site: Tuxera NTFS for Mac. Paragon's very similar proposal, however, can be tried for free (in trial) for 15 days. After that, his cost is 25 euros. According to reports from readers, Tuxera NTFS already works even in the beta versions of the future OS X Mavericks.

For those who want to know even more about formatting hard disks, check out this article that Bruno Lopes wrote for us in 2009.

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