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Third party keyboards may send stickers on WhatsApp; YouTube, Google Maps, and Final Cut Pro get updates

And we are again with a bunch of updates (or future updates) of popular apps from App store! Let's take a look at them?


WhatsApp Messenger app icon

The messenger, which has become the most popular app among Facebook's tits, was recently updated with a feature that we had already commented on: the limitation of forwarding up to 5 recipients at a time previously was 20.

The change had previously arrived in India, where, due to the spread of rumors boosted by the application, a wave of lynching hit the country and killed 27 people. In the rest of the world, the motives are similar, but with a slightly more political content after all, in Brazil and in all countries where WhatsApp prevails, the indistinct sharing of false news causes concerns of political scientists, sociologists and other specialists.

In addition, the WABetaInfo brought the preview of a new thing that should arrive soon to the app: the possibility to send stickers also by third party keyboards. With this, you no longer need to save the stickers sent by your friends; You can simply use a keyboard and choose your own packages to send the stickers.

WhatsApp stickers sent by GBoard keyboard

In the current beta version of WhatsApp for Android, there is already integration with Gboard to send the stickers natively previously, the stickers of the keyboard were sent as ordinary images. The feature is expected to be released to all users (possibly already supporting other keyboards) in the coming months.


YouTube app icon

Meanwhile, the largest video platform on the planet has implemented a small but significant change in its application: navigating between videos by swiping the screen.

Switching between YouTube videos with on-screen gestures

With the news, users can swipe right (to return to the video they were watching previously) or left (which will take them to the next recommended video). Videos will always start where they left off, and you can perform both full-screen and portrait (standby) gestures, with the video displayed at the top of the screen.

The change, according to YouTube, can make users use the app longer and increase engagement with content produced by YouTubers and professionals present on the platform. In a world where 70% of service views come from mobile devices, that must be quite an improvement indeed.

Google Maps

Google Maps app icon - Traffic & Food

Continuing in the Google area, Maps for iOS version 5.9 also received some interesting news, starting with a feature that shows landmarks on the navigation map and routes to guide you through the city more expertly.

In addition, the update gives the user more filters to narrow their search results and shows public transit departure times by tapping the stations displayed on the maps. You can now also make small photo edits before you post them on store pages.

Soon, as reported by the Tecnoblog, Google Maps will also display speed limits and speed cameras on streets and highways, as Waze has already started to appear for some users in the testing phase, but it is not known when they will reach the final version of the app.

Another feature that should emerge in the not too distant future, at least in the city of Rio de Janeiro, is a warning for risky areas or, more precisely, areas of the city listed by the Public Security Bureau and public and private high-security entities. of crimes like robberies, robberies and thefts. Waze should also receive the news, since the bill guiding the change was sanctioned by Mayor Marcelo Crivella a few weeks ago, as it brought the Digital Look.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro app icon

Finally, Apple's professional video editor has received an update focused on minor enhancements. According to the release notes, Final Cut Pro 10.4.5 brings better performance in waveform generation in clips without audio channels.

In addition, we have stability improvements when using shortcut E to send projects to the Compressor, pasting Arabic or Hebrew texts to a title, and switching tabs in the timeline.

Final Cut Pro X is available from the Mac App Store for $ 1,100.