New PS3

Thinner and more memory PS3 in September

Another edition of PlayStation 3 will hit stores on September 1st. Thinner and lighter, the new version of the Sony console also offers more memory, in less than two thirds of weight and thickness. The reduction in energy consumption is the same and allows for a reduction in fan noise.

Of the previous 80 GB, 120 GB are now available to those using the console. This new version, 290 millimeters wide by the same length, will cost 299 euros.

Thanks to the launch of a new model, which maintains the functionality of the previous version, as well as support for high-definition video using Blu-ray, the old version – PS3 80 GB HDD – undergoes an adjustment in price and starts to cost € 299, starting today.

New PS3

The announcement puts an end to many months of rumors about the launch of a new model, the subject of several news in recent weeks, unconfirmed and almost always illustrated with poorly focused images of “sightings” of a new model.

Sony’s latest launch, which continues to lose ground to competitors after several years of leading the market, was a version of the PS3 with 160 GB memory in the last quarter of last year, which did not reach Portugal.

New PS3

PSP the digital player

On the same day Sony announced a new service for the portable version of its console, which will transform it into a digital reader, able to receive animated stories (Digital Comics) provided by major partners, such as Marvel, IDW Publishing, iVerse Media, among others.

The new offer arrives in December in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and from next year it will extend to more countries taking heroes such as Spiderman, X-Men or characters of Star Trek.

The service will give access, through the device, to the stories of some of the main characters of animation, already shown in squares, films for TV, for the cinema, and now also in a format created specifically for digital support. Sony promises an animation offer with constant updating.