they’re trying to extort the creators of GrayKey, a tool that unlocks iPhones


In the past few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about the GrayKey a $ 15,000 box capable of unlocking iPhones in minutes, depending on the password used.

See how the world turns. According to the Motherboard reported today, the Grayshift company responsible for GrayKey is now suffering threats of extortion after having had part of the box code leaked on the network.

In one of the messages sent to them, co-founder David Miles named and blackmailed in 2 Bitcoins (about R $ 67 thousand) so that the codes are not published on the network.

Miles confirmed to Motherboard that a part of GrayKey’s code actually leaked ?due to a bad configuration on a customer’s website?, but stated that it would be nothing too sensitive, such as IPs or personal data.

It is not yet known whether iOS 11.3.1, released earlier today, already brings some kind of protection against the functioning of GrayKey.

via MacRumors