They are letting AirPods fall on subway tracks at a worrying frequency.

We have talked here many times about how Airpods They are selling like water in the desert and on their way to becoming elements of pop culture. But every bright side has its not-so-good counterpart, and the phenomenal popularity of Apple's wireless headsets is bringing unexpected, say, side effects.

O Mashable published an issue noting the worrisome frequency with which AirPod users are letting their headsets hang on the subway tracks. The report focused on BARTis the San Francisco (California) public rail system, but the effect can be seen anywhere, which is quite understandable, considering that the AirPods are not exactly stuck in the user's ear.

In the specific case of BART, by 2019 alone, 52 AirPod records were already lost on the system's track, a figure that will soon exceed 80 occurrences over the course of 2018. In fact, cases are so frequent that Metro employees are already turning into real experts in catching lost AirPods on track with a special tool.

BART communications department manager Alicia Trost shared some tips for passengers to avoid losing their AirPods in public transport, which in Brazil represents a loss of $ 480 for each lost phone:

Leave AirPods in your pocket when on escalators or on the platform and while boarding the train. In addition to falling on the tracks, they can easily escape by flying between the train and the platform at the time of boarding. Once on the train, I knew that if the phone goes down, you'll have to look for it on the ground of a probably crowded environment that is moving at up to 130km / h.

Alicia Trost with BART Tool to Catch Lost AirPods on RailsAlicia Trost with BART Tool to Catch Lost AirPods on Rails

Of course, you can resort to other solutions to make using AirPods safer, such as that wing that joins the two phones and keeps them from escaping your ears. At this point it may be more practical simply to use wired headphones, but well, who am I to judge, really?

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Official image:

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