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These are the six apps that make my smartphone work.

That is the applications that determine the success or failure of a mobile operating system, this is nothing new (yes, Windows Phone, I'm looking at you). After all, they are the raison d'être of a smartphone. And with that in mind, I chose the six apps that are so essential in my life that my phone won't even turn on if they aren't installed.

And no, it doesn't include Messenger or social networks because, let's face it, they're already indivisible from any smartphone. But these are apps that help me a lot in my day to day, whether for work or for fun. Check out.


I'm already a totally car-averse guy (no driver's license I have). And when Uber came into my life, it was love at first sight. The shuttle takes me to places where the subway is not comfortable and at a much fairer price than taxis.

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Uber: Taxis only in case of emergency / ANDROIDPIT

And yes, the cold water, the candy and the charger for my smartphone are a super welcome extras.

Install on Google Play


This Danish app offers flight and hotel options for all five continents and works with leading low fare airlines. With this, it is possible to find internal tickets (within the European Union or the United States, for example) for well-priced prices, as well as tickets to travel within Brazil, of course.

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Momondo: Cheap Tickets in and out of Brazil / ANDROIDPIT

Cheap Flights & Hotels momondo
Install on Google Play


I don't know you guys, but I'm moved by music for much of my day. And Spotify has fallen like a glove for this addiction. Very good collection, easy to handle and with the Premium subscription (whose price is very fair), I can download the songs and listen to them even when my smartphone has no internet access. And that breaks a twig in airplane travel and the like.

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Spotify: the ideal app for those who don't live without music / ANDROIDPIT

Spotify Music
Install on Google Play


The streaming video service is also a must, whether it's in those idle moments, or when it's time to take a break from watching a series or peek into a movie. Like Spotify, Netflix has a good collection, fair price and super simple operation.

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Netflix: a movie here, another series there … / ANDROIDPIT

We only recommend using it in Wi-Fi network environments, because each Netflix video hour consumes at least 300 MB per hour. Your data plan thanks you.

Install on Google Play


As I said before, cars are not my forte, so I am a loyal public transport user. Moovit is an extremely useful app to know the real time of buses, subways, and trains in multiple cities.

The application informs me, for example, the expected time of arrival of a bus at a certain point, thus preventing me from being planted waiting for the bus. Or I can plan to arrive a few minutes before the transport arrives.

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Moovit: No more waiting at the bus / ANDROIDPIT

You can also recharge your transportation ticket, check the bus route, receive transportation arrival alerts and know the best routes to a particular destination.

Moovit: Public Transportation
Install on Google Play


Airbnb is the best app for those who want to find lodging in other cities (in Brazil or abroad) at prices much more affordable than hotels. Choose the destination, the time of stay, the type of accommodation (whole apartment, only one room, shared housing, etc.) and voile!

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Airbnb: more affordable accommodation than hotels / ANDROID

The app also provides other filters such as price, number of bathrooms, access to kitchen, etc. After viewing the photos of the house or apartment and checking the owner information, just click the Request to Book button. That simple.

Install on Google Play

And what are the apps your smartphone can't run out of? Give your suggestions!

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