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These are the new emoji of Android 8.0 Oreo

Android 8.0 Oreo became official recently through a few minutes event where its final name was revealed. We installed the new version on a Google Pixel and tested all the news of the new system, including the new catalog of emojis.

Google has developed its own emojis

There are numerous types of emojis on the internet and in applications. Facebook Messenger has its own, WhatsApp offers numbers and Google has also decided to create its version of emoji. It turns out that the Big G figures do not bring anything new, so we do not understand why this change compared to the original format of emojis that released by Unicode.

Google's emojis have been redesigned to flatter and more colorful formats. The faces have a kind of contour that reminds us of a pudding or something. Big G has found a way to offer a less abstract alternative that combines more with Material Design, which is the guidelines of the Android visual interface.

Below, we show the differences between the Oreo and Nougat versions, going through Apple and social networking alternatives:

androidpit emojis oreo
Differences between Google Emojis and Others / ANDROIDPIT

Last year, Google decided to improve socio-professional classes and gender issues by introducing more female emojis. Earlier this year new emojis came to Android with the addition of some elements. This time, Google decided to standardize female and male versions of options that represent humans, including a magician, woman and man with green skin, and more.

androidpit emojis android oreo
The new Android Emoji Oreo / AndroidPIT

How to get new Android Oreo emojis?

The new emojis are more colorful and different, following a different pattern from what Google introduced to the system a few years ago. Overall, the new emojis are more similar to those used on iOS than the second most used mobile system in the world. Now, having the new emojis is a little tricky mission.

In addition to Android 8.0, which is currently a restricted upgrade, users can look forward to new emoji on Gboard, the Google keyboard. It is likely that the new catalog will be taken to the app and will serve as an alternative until the new system reaches more smartphones. The update that brings the new emojis, however, does not have to be released.

There are several answers to this question, and Google is the only one who knows the real answers, but we can say without much progress that today emoji are an integral part of written communication on the Internet and not just with younger generations as some may think. If utliisateurs see and send long emoji day, why it is important that they are beautiful: who wants to see something ugly or tired all day long?

What did you think of the new Android emojis?

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