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These are the least radiant smartphones

Last week, we checked the list of the most radiation-emitting smartphones, and there are several more Huawei models in the list. We could also see that Xiaomi's Mi A1 ranked first, making it the smartphone on the market that emits the most radiation.

Today, it is time to check which smartphones emit less radiation in the market, remembering that this list was made by the German company Bundesamt fr Strahlenschutz, the entity responsible for the certification of mobile devices for the security agency Blue Angel (Anatel equivalent).

Opening the list in the first position is Sony's Xperia M5 smartphone, which was a big surprise to me. It is followed by the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in second position, with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bronze medal in third position.

low radiation
List of smallest radiation emitters / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Two points caught my attention on this list; The first is the difference between this and the other list of the most radiant smartphones, the stark difference. The second point is the number of Samsung smartphones on the list, making it the manufacturer that has the least radiating devices on the market.

It is also worth mentioning that in the list we have only one Chinese company, which is ZTE, and none of Xioami or Huawei, for example, which are more famous. This may not be something to worry about, but it is good to light the warning signal, since the smartphone is something we most contact during the day. Remember that sleeping with your smartphone away from your head is a habit that you should acquire if you do not have it.

And were you surprised by the list? Are there any of these models mentioned?

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