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These are the carriers that (not yet) limit your internet

If you, like me, are disgusted with the idea of ​​having your carrier-limited internet network and having to squint over two episodes of House of cards on Netflix, this is for you! Check here a list of operators that do not limit the consumption of broadband internet.

Users are disgusted with the new internet limitation strategy, released by the country's biggest companies like Vivo, Net and Oi. The program aims to limit it to up to 200 GB per month, depending on the speed package purchased from the operator and, of course, charge even more for it.

If you still don't understand what I'm talking about, it's worth taking a look at the following subject, which explains everything you need to know about this topic:

However, there was a crowd that did not stand still and, after that, opened an online petition, whose initial goal was to gather 400,000 signatures. Turns out they got so much more than that! Today the petition already has over a million signatures.

If you also want to join the cause and do your part just click here. All you need to enter is your email, name and address.

These are the carriers that (not yet) limit your internet

The goodwill of users has not stopped there. The collaborative repository Internet Without Limits, hosted on the site GitHub, has organized a list of operators that have not adhered to limiting broadband internet consumption.

The list is organized by state, and shows all carriers offering unlimited broadband internet plans.

androidpit netflix hero image 2
Have you ever imagined staying with Netflix stopping all the time because of your limited internet plan? / ANDROIDPIT

The operators that appear most in the list are "Algar Telecom" and "Mob Telecom". In addition, the repository also features the "Panel of Shame", a place where users can negatively advertise carriers planning to block the signal when the packet data limit is consumed. The list bears no name but relies on community support to be fed.

You can also contribute to both lists by filling out this form with the names of limiting carriers or not the internet in your city. For this you will need a GitHub account.

What is your opinion about the limitation of broadband internet in the country? Is this a legal measure?

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