These are the best music players for Android

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Musicxmatch is one of the most complete players in the Play Store. In addition to playing audio files stored on the device, the app syncs songs with Spotify. There is also the lyrics service for music and the identification of songs, something similar to what is done by Shazam.

The simple and intuitive interface and Musicxmatch also offer a floating shortcut that overlaps with other system applications. This shortcut displays song lyrics that play on YouTube and, by the way, work great, but aren't always available – it varies by song / artist. The free app requires 32MB to install and is compatible with Android 2.3 or higher.

musicxmatch app music
Musicxmtach a full player / AndroidPIT

Musixmatch – Music Lyrics
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Music player

Music Player is simple and basic, and it would have been beaten if it weren't for one very important element: Chromecast support. For me, it is essential to be able to stream my music to the TV, as my stereo died years ago. In addition, the Music Player has a very simple equalizer, which works very well, and allows a flicker function and the choice of interface colors.

Unfortunately, he has some annoying problems. Several times it simply closes or interrupts the music. I've tested it on some smartphones and the bug seems to be from the app itself. It does not allow you to import playlists, which is a big failure for many people. Free Music Player takes up about 15MB of space and requires Android 2.3.3 or higher.

Music player
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One of the most famous, the very complete Poweramp, allows you to backup, import and export playlists, supports various formats, third party plugins, a fairly complete equalizer with many presets … finally, one of the best available in the Play Store. Perhaps his only major flaw is the interface, which still looks like a PC program from the early 2000s. Another point that many consider negative is that it gets paid.

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Music makes your world go round / AndroidPIT

Poweramp costs $ 3.59 after two weeks of evaluation. The space it occupies is the version of Android it requires depending on the version of the app.

Poweramp Music Player (Trial)
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Player Pro

More than just a music app, Player Pro also handles video, has several plugins with very interesting features, themes, widgets, ID3 tag editing support, song lyrics and a great equalizer. It also supports the use of headset buttons to perform actions, direct sharing with social networks, among many other options and functions.

But so many features have their price: Player Pro, in its full and paid version, costs $ 11.95. For those who just want to hear their love, it can be awesome. Player Pro requires Android 2.1 or higher and occupies about 20MB of space.

PlayerPro Music Player
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Stellio is one of the most beautiful players on the market, with a sober and simple look, even though the interface looks like 10 years ago. His list of settings is extensive, from crossfade and headset controls, screen lock, appearance, to Android Wear.

The equalizer very complete and simple to use for those who understand the subject. Stellio: Free with ads ($ 3.90 to remove them). Requires Android 4.0 or higher; to work and takes up about 20MB of space.

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Do you prefer a simpler player or one that has a good number of features? / AndroidPIT

Equalizer +

As the name implies, the app has a good frequency equalizer. It comes with a 5 band equalizer, 10 presets and Android TV support. Its interface is very well built, elegant and easy to understand. It's a great option even for those who don't want or can't handle equalizers. Equalizer + free with in-app purchases. He is the Editor's Choice and Top Developer on the Play Store.

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To listen to quality music, just good headphones are not enough.

Equalizer Music Player Booster
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Shuttle is one of those rare cases where the app is good at just about everything, but not great at all. Colorful interface with Material Design, filters, playlists, equalizer, scrobbling, black and white lists, themes, everything you need in a music player. My biggest problem with him is the lack of Chromecast support, but this is a personal matter.

The full paid version features lyrics support, ID3 tag editing, widgets and Chromecast! The Shuttle has two versions, one free and one that costs $ 5.50; Requires Android 4.1 or higher and occupies about 20MB.

Shuttle Music Player
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Tomahawk has a somewhat slow and confusing interface, but its major advantage is its connection to other music services such as Deezer, Apple Music, Spotify, Play Music, iTunes, SoundCloud and Tidal. Despite the shortcomings, the amount of services it is compatible with is worth a lot.

Another function that it brings is that I never found in other apps is the universal search. Here's how it works: You search for music, artist, or album, and Tomahawk searches for all services (paid or free), your local network, and your smartphone. Simple and functional. Tomahawk requires Android 4.0.3 or higher and needs about 50MB of space.

Tomahawk Player Beta
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What is the best music player for Android?

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