These are the apps you need to disable from your Android now

These are the apps you need to disable from your Android now

1. BR Apps

In the middle of 2016 it is impossible for new smartphones to be launched with this factory installed app. The Good Law meant that BR Apps was shipped on nationally manufactured smartphones, which were sold for up to R $ 1,500, as these were granted some tax exemptions. Well, the incentive is over, and as much as there are interesting apps inside BR Apps, the "encouraging" store has lost its meaning.

BR Apps makes no sense in the year 2016!

Of course, you shouldn't honor the work of our Brazilian developers – the BR Apps store contained only locally developed apps – but the collection available at the store in question can be found on the Play Store easily. The BR Apps is unremovable, leaving the user only the option to disable it from the system.

2. Carrier Applications

There are some types of carrier apps. The most common are those that come with the factory device. Most of these options offer service subscriptions, promotional messages, and some SIM support tools.

Another common carrier application is called "SIM Services", which installs automatically when the user inserts their SIM-chip into the phone for the first time.

By law, all operators need to offer tools online or via the customer service channel so their customers can track their service consumption, monitor their spending, and also deactivate plans and promotions. But I don't remember any carrier apps that offer these possibilities, and besides, many users don't even open these apps. Enough there, carriers!

Brazil sim card operators
Carrier apps, no d! / ANDROIDPIT

3. Game Demos

Who has never bought a phone and was super happy when he saw that the game The Sims or Spider-Man came pre-installed on the device. So we thought: wow, a paid game that came as a gift to me! But just select the game in question to access the surprise your device manufacturer has prepared for you.

Business agreements are common between software manufacturers and software developers, but some applications go beyond common sense. Who likes to go to the mobile app drawer every day and keep looking at an app with demos and promotional game materials? – the famous game demo launchers.

Sony, LG and Samsung are experts at this endeavor, promoting games from EA, Gameloft, and so on. At this point, let's go to the same question as BR Apps, which: why do I need an app installed on my phone that promotes things I can find in the Play Store myself?

AndroidPIT best android apps 1
Game demos are just some of those useless / ANDROIDPIT

4. ChatOn

Worse than having a pre-installed and unremovable application, you have to live with a service that was discontinued by the manufacturer itself all day long. Wait a: If it has been discontinued because it is unpopular, why do I need to have it on my smartphone? Well, the case of ChatOn one of the most boring – rimmed! – as the presence of the app varies by device model.

ChatOn: Less, Samsung, much less!

Anyone who buys older models from the Galaxy line – 2015 back – has a great chance of being awarded ChatOn, while newer models no longer have such an installed app. In addition, some system upgrades do not remove the service at once, as many users have been migrated to Lollipop or Marshmallow and have to remain with ChatOn installed. Less, Samsung, much less!

5. Play Newsstand

Google services are not behind. Play Newsstand is a section of the Play Store that sells magazines and digital books. However, few Brazilian users are familiar with Big G. Banking. Of course, as many complain about Facebook splitting social network functions into apps, I believe Play Banca should be limited to being inside the main store.

In addition, while in many devices it comes as standard, in others, the optional Newsstand. Many users downloaded Newsstand from the Play Store at some point, and out of nowhere the app became unremovable. It may not seem like it, but on a cell phone with 8GB of storage, for example, Newsstand only takes up space.

androidpit play store 2
The Play Bunker is a police affair! / ANDROIDPIT

How to get there in these apps?

All of these applications are mostly unremovable. However, some steps can be taken to save the precise megabytes of storage on your smartphone. In the "System Settings", select the "Applications" menu and find in the list of installed apps any of the ones mentioned above.

Note that even with the impossibility of removal, it is still possible to disable it and check the option "Do not allow notifications", which make future updates of the app in the Play Store impossible. Before that, make sure you clear the app's data and cache so it doesn't leave a trace on your system.

Do you use any of these apps? Which other do you believe deserves one enough?

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