These are the 5 most expensive products that Apple has ever sold

Two years ago, the world gaped when Apple revealed the price of its most expensive (gold) Watch Edition: $ 17,000. Months later, his arrival in Brazil was cause for a lot of laughter; nothing less than R $ 135,000 for the same model.

For the second generation of its watch (Apple Watch Series 2), as we know, Apple took a step back and transformed the Edition line into ceramic models – still expensive, but not surreal. Today, the most expensive one you can buy is $ 1,300 in the United States or $ 10,300 in Brazil.

But don’t think that the first Apple Watch Edition was the most expensive product ever sold by Apple. In terms of numbers, yes, but correcting the values ​​of the time according to inflation (which is the right thing to do), things have gone much further.

Here is the short list:

5) Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh – 1997Original price: $ 7,499Corrected price: ~ $ 11,200 (~ $ 35,000)

Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM)

For the intimate, TAM. It is very rare to see Apple launching a “celebratory” product, but it did it on its 20th birthday. And it went bad: less than a year after its launch, the company was already selling it for just $ 1,995 to burn the remaining stock.

4) Macintosh Portable – 1989Original price: $ 7,300Corrected price: ~ US $ 14,300 (~ R $ 45,000)

Macintosh Portable

The first portable Macintosh, equipped with a battery – or, in other words, Apple’s first laptop / notebook. It weighed no less than 7.2 kg (comparatively, a 12-inch MacBook today weighs 0.92 kg).

3) Apple LaserWriter – 1985Original price: $ 6,995Corrected price: ~ US $ 15,800 (~ R $ 50,000)

Apple LaserWriter Printer

Laser printer (one of the first on the market) with built-in PostScript interpreter. It could be shared by several Macintoshes in an office, for example.

2) Apple Watch Edition – 2015Price: $ 17,000 (~ $ 53,500)

Apple Watch Edition

Here is the 18-carat gold watch that you know well.

1) Apple Lisa – 1983Original price: $ 9,995Corrected price: ~ $ 24,000 (~ $ 75,000)

Apple Lisa Mouse

The Lisa began to be developed in 1978 but only arrived on the market in 1983, costing very, very expensive. It ended up being detonated by the arrival of the Macintosh in January 1984, which cost infinitely less ($ 2,495 at the time).

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Obviously, the amounts converted to reais above are straightforward – without considering taxes, freight or anything like that. It’s just to have a notion, out of curiosity.

Have you had any of these? ?

[via Business Insider]