There's a new 125 W fast charging system that promises to reach 100% in 20 minutes

There's a new 125 W fast charging system that promises to reach 100% in 20 minutes

Oppo has been focusing on fast charging technologies and now the Chinese manufacturer is unveiling a new system that aims to establish itself as the most advanced on the market. With 125 W, the new bet comes with the promise of charging a smartphone with a 4,000 mAh battery in just 20 minutes or up to 41% in 5 minutes.

According to Jeff Zhang, one of the scientists who leads Oppo's charging technology department, the acceleration of 5G around the world, as well as the growing diversification in energy-intensive equipment, present new challenges. for smartphone battery life and charging experience.

The company explains that it is necessary to develop equipment that can use the technology in a safe and stable way. The smartphone battery in question, which is not yet commercially available, has two charging cells and 128-bit microcontrollers to ensure voltage control.

The developed technology has upgraded the security features of previous systems, adding 10 more temperature sensors that monitor the loading process and ensure that no incidents occur.

In addition to the new 125 W Flash Charge system, Oppo introduced three more innovations in the world of fast charging. Among them is a conceptual AirVOOC charging station with 65 W wireless charging support that can charge a 4,000 mAh battery in 30 minutes.

Also featured are two GaN chargers: one with 110 W and the other with 50 W. The equipment was designed to be more compact and convenient, with the first presenting a similar size to an 18 W charger and the second is approximately a support for business cards.

For now, it is still unclear whether the manufacturer will, in fact, put the new equipment on the market this year or launch a smartphone with support for this technology.