USB-C charger that should come with the next iPhones

There, yes: new iPhones may come with Lightning to USB-C cable and adapter with fast charging support

Although the iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X can take advantage of the wonders of fast recharging, such a gift is only accessible to consumers who are willing to spend a much more than reasonable amount for that – especially in Brazil. This is because the original cable and charger of the devices are not suitable for the task, and to do it you need to invest in a Lightning cable for USB-C and a 29W plug adapter; this purchase, in Brazil, comes down to demeaning R $ 448… at least.

(Or you can increase that budget a little and, for R $ 9,800, buy a MacBook, which at least comes with the charger in the box. It might be more advantageous.) ?

The fact is: if this rumor, which emerged on the Chinese social network Weibo, is correct, future iPhone owners will no longer have to worry about this extra expense if they want to charge their devices quickly. An anonymous source said on the website that the 2018 line of iPhones will already bring in the box a Lightning cable to USB-C, replacing the traditional Lightning for USB-A, and a 18W plug adapter, power that already allows fast recharging of devices.

USB-C charger that should come with the next iPhones

Although the source did not present any stronger evidence beyond this technical design of the new adapter, above, the rumor makes perfect sense: for a long time now, users and the tech press in general point to Apple’s complete nonsense in dispatching iPhones with cables incompatible with most of their computers currently on sale; the transition to USB-C cables would certainly attract some user complaints more, say, old-school but it would certainly not be felt from a practical point of view by anyone. And it would also bring the benefit of quick recharge.

Maybe it’s a good trade-off to make up for the likely loss of the 3.5mm adapter? That only the voice of the people will say.

via MacRumors