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There was an “update” for HomePod and, with it, some curiosities about the product

A few days ago unintentionally wanting, Apple has released a software update (OTA, that is, over-the-air) to an unknown device.

Check it out on this tweet:

Notice the description: AudioAcessory1,1. For just connect the dots and see that such "update" to the HomePod, that Siri-driven speaker presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2017 that hits the international market later this year.

A reader of who preferred not to be identified obtained a copy of the software. He then extracted it and observed some curiosities (some of them already noted by the famous developer Steve T-S).

System and screen

According to our reader, even without having a screen to interact with, HomePod runs full iOS. That is, it even has a “screen” (at the top), but it is just an array of LEDs, which allows HomePod to draw different color patterns. In addition, the device software also has functions that appear to activate specific icons, which may be above this array of LEDs.

In “HomePod iOS”, however, there are only two applications installed: Airmusic it's the AirPodcasts, which are basically the well-known Music and Podcasts apps from iOS.

In Apple's mobile operating system, the name of the internal process that manages the splash screen and its applications is called SpringBoard; at HomePod, Apple decided to call SoundBoard.


At first, the speaker will make three different sounds: one for alarm clock, one for timer, and one when it reaches the maximum possible volume.

Check them out below:




Setup and upgrade

HomePod setup will be fully approximated by iOS device. They remember the Apple TV feature that allows us to configure the set top box just approaching an iPhone to her? So for a.

As for device upgrades, it seems that HomePod will do updates automatically, OTA, without any kind of user feedback or control similar to what happens with AirPods today.

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HomePod will be launched by Apple in December in white and space gray. Initially it will be sold only in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom for $ 350. The device will be compatible with iPhone 5s and later versions running iOS 11.

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