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There is one more update of our app in the area, version 4.0.2!

An exact week after we released version 4.0.1 of our iOS and watchOS app, we're back with 4.0.2. Our idea, of course, was to eliminate all the bugs present in the new version 4 as quickly as possible.

 App - Verse 4.0 (iPad Pro, iPhone XS Max, and Apple Watch Series 4)

Here's the last one changelog:

We bring in this update some more enhancements to the app's Dark Mode (including a splash screen appropriate!), general accessibility enhancements, more coherent initial post selection on iPad, among other minor bug fixes.

Special thanks to Cassio Rossi and Ruyther Themakew Costa for their collaboration on our GitHub project for this version 4.0.2!

It is always worth remembering that our app has its code open on GitHub, and any of you can freely collaborate there either with suggestions / ideas as to actual codes for the project.

Thank you guys! 😉

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