There is new malware that is attacking Apple computers

There is new malware that is attacking Apple computers

A new ransomware has recently been discovered that is attacking Apple computers. Dinesh Devadoss, a cybersecurity researcher, recently published some conclusions about the virus, which has now been named ThiefQuest. And, according to the expert, it is not just any malware.

Devadoss explains that ThiefQuest integrates several features that are recognized by spyware, such as the ability to harvest files from an infected computer, steal passwords, credit card numbers and other financial information. This component can also be used to allow remote access to the machines, bypassing their own security systems. From then on, it becomes easy to install the ransomware and request a victim ransom.

Right now, ThiefQuest is being distributed through torrent platforms, as part of downloadable files, so there will only be a risk of infection if you download a content from one of these sources. The Little Snitch security app and the music mixing software, Mixed In Key, are just two of the contents that have already been reported to be infected with this virus.

Devadoss explains that the virus was built to resemble an update, in order to deceive users, but, to date, no ransom has yet been paid following an attack.

The ArsTechnica portal writes that despite having features of spyware and ransomware merged into one product, this virus does not appear to have been designed to function primarily as ransomware, since the elements of ransomware it contains are unfinished – in the form of attackers understand who paid the ransom, nor contact that allows the victim to communicate with the perpetrators.