There is a new European open source software association that wants to give a voice to companies in the sector

Give European open source software (OSS) companies a voice and make European legislators aware of the importance of the sector. this is the objective of the new OSS professional association, the Association Professionnelle Europenne du Logiciel Libre (APELL), a project in which the Association of Portuguese Open Source Software Companies (ESOP) was involved.

Announced publicly in Brussels at the beginning of the year, the Association has three founding members, with associations from France, Germany and Finland, in addition to other business associations from several countries, including the Portuguese ESOP – Portuguese Association of Open Source Software Companies.

In a statement, Stfane Fermigier, founding member, explains that APELL presents itself as the essential new intermediary between national representative organizations of open source and EU institutions, aiming to strengthen cooperation between European companies in this sector.


At a time when ESOP guarantees that in Europe the sector is mainly made up of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the co-chairman of the Conseil National du Logiciel Libre also considers it imperative that the Commission and the other European institutions recognize that their actions , plans and policies to support open source should focus on supporting SMEs ".

According to data resulting from a survey carried out at European level released in February, open source solutions are increasingly important in companies and organizations. Focused more on France, the investigation reveals that there is an increasingly active role of open source in the structures of companies, especially in French, but also in other European countries such as Portugal, Germany, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Finland and the United Kingdom.

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