There are no more reasons to use WhatsApp

There are no more reasons to use WhatsApp

Reasons in favor of WhatsApp

Reason number 1: All my friends use it, so I use it too

The most common argument is the amount of active users on the platform, and this mass is known to attract attention. When asked, "Why do you use WhatsApp?" Often comes the standard answer: "How do I communicate with my friends". However, when you look around, everyone uses at least one alternative.

Be it the good old text message, which usually doesn't cost much anymore, or even via email, because you probably have an email, or another messenger: everyone has at least one alternative method of communicating. How about making a call? Yes, your smartphone does that too.

AndroidPIT huawei p9 1436People still call their parents or grandparents / AndroidPIT

Reason number 2: All my chat groups are on WhatsApp

One thing is certain: when important plans are transferred to Facebook, you will not be logged out of the system anytime soon. But we need to ask ourselves if conversation groups are really the best option as a planning tool.

Opinion by Eric Ferrari-Herrmann

WhatsApp's group function is terrible.

Groups on WhatsApp are confusing, noisy, you can't manage member permissions correctly, and you can't post topics. In this way, new participants should always be fully introduced to the subject of discussion. Also accumulate over the years, dead groups, because even if you are an administrator of a group, you can not close the same if there are still participants in the group.

Whatsapp group chat fromYou can delete only empty groups in WhatsApp / AndroidPIT

WhatsApp groups are therefore little more than rudimentary. If you want to reach as many people as you want, move your discussions to Facebook Messenger. Before you complain: You can also use Messenger without necessarily having a Facebook account. Just sign in as on WhatsApp, ie using your phone number.

Facebook Messenger
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Reason number 3: WhatsApp encrypted and completely secure

End-to-end encrypted conversations are cool, but that's not all. The mdata will still be stored in WhatsApp. O WhatsApp knows who you are talking to and when. WhatsApp also knows your phone number and that of all your friends – even if they are not on WhatsApp. Similarly, if you have accepted the new WhatsApp terms of use, WhatsApp has shared your mobile phone number with the owner company: Facebook.

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The best way to stay anonymous using Threema. Your company doesn't even need your mobile phone number or email address. Now, if you want to register your email or phone number, however, they will help you find your friends in Threema without saving their data to their servers. Or you can simply ask your friends to send their IDs to Threema.

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Reason # 4: Free WhatsApp

The issue with Threema is that most people are unwilling to pay for the service when WhatsApp is offered for free. However, there are free alternatives to WhatsApp. Telegram has a huge user base, the signal has better encryption, and Facebook Messenger is technically superior and so big, so why use WhatsApp for everything?

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If free WhatsApp, we should ask why. How is the company making money? Telegram says it still uses investor money for now. WhatsApp and Facebook, on the other hand, are funded through targeted advertisements. They have a lot of personal information about their users that is supposed to be anonymous, and this is the product they sell to their "partners". Some people are rather uncomfortable with this.

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Reasons against WhatsApp

Reason number 1: Verification by phone number

WhatsApp is tied to your mobile phone number, which you signed up with. Why would any chat service provider require you to give your SIM card phone number? This is an unnecessary connection. The key to anonymity is to avoid this kind of connection.

Opinion by Eric Ferrari-Herrmann

The overrated WhatsApp.

You can't use the argument that WhatsApp needs the number to help you find your friends. Threema does the same thing, but without saving your information. There is no reason to allow apps to access your private contact calendar, full of information about other people.

Reason number 2: WhatsApp only works on one device, and must be a smartphone

You can only use WhatsApp on one device, which must be a smartphone. I wonder why people still accept this kind of limitation in 2016? When you want to use the service on your desktop, you still need your smartphone turned on and connected to the internet. madness. Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Hangouts let you use the service on a tablet, smartphone, or PC.

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Reason number 3: WhatsApp doesn't have a good backup system

If you change your phone number, all your talk data will disappear. There are backups in Google Drive or iCloud, but you need to set them up manually. So it is a matter of luck whether these have been properly restored to the new device or not. If you switch from Android to iPhone, or vice versa, restoring your chat history is impossible.

With Telegram, Facebook, and Hangouts, everything is in the cloud and instantly available on all your devices.

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Reason # 4: Phone Number Calls

Once again, WhatsApp is tied to your phone number. So when you change it, it can be a huge headache. Use the migration wizard in WhatsApp to move things around, but be aware that your contacts will not be automatically notified of the number change unless they are in a group with you.

Then you will have to send your new number manually to all your friends. Let's face it, this is not a really good thing!

Changing your phone number will migrate your account data, groups, and settings. Before proceeding, please confirm that you can receive SMS or call on your new number. If you have a new device, you must first change its number on your old device.


If you are a born WhatsApp user, you probably do not agree with my opinion. Sorry, but I really understand what you are going through. I am a WhatsApp user myself, unfortunately, for social reasons, I am forced to reinstall the app. But on my smartphone runs in parallel the Skype, Facebook, ICQ, Telegram, Hangouts, and Threema. And every time I use one of these, I feel my heart pounding again. WhatsApp still doesn't do that.

This article is an opinion. The content contained therein represents the opinion of the author and does not reflect the opinion of the entire editorial team of the site.

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