There are already almost 5,000 applications in the iMessage App Store, but growth is slowing

At the presentation of iOS 10 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2016, Apple highlighted the iMessage, which include, among other things, their own App Store.

Right after its release to the public in September 2016, the developers were very excited, creating new exclusive apps for Ma's messenger and / or updating their old apps to suit newness. Now, six months later, the data analysis firm SensorTower raised new figures showing that, even with the number of apps still growing, the moods seem to be calming down.

SensorTower - iMessage six months later

According to the data collected, only six months after the launch of the store, almost 5,000 applications are already on the iMessage App Store. In comparison, the iOS App Store only achieved that mark a year after its debut. However, unlike this, which continues to grow today, the messenger store already shows a slowdown.

In fact, this issue ends up being understandable if we take into account that the use of iMessage does not compare with that of the iOS App Store mainly here in Brazil. The fall can also be related to the excitement for something new that, over time, loses strength / grace.

In addition, the firm also analyzed the share of apps in the iMessage app store by category. First, with 25%, there are Games (any doubted?); soon after, we have Entertainment (17%), Utilities (9%) and others. Although the stickers not being listed in a specific category, the firm indicates that many of the games have sticker packs and other categories as well.

SensorTower - iMessage six months later

Apple, of course, is already aware of this slowdown, so much so that it ran a new commercial earlier this week focused entirely on the stickers of the native iOS messenger.

(via 9to5Mac)