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There are already 11 million people testing Apple Music

Confirming a number released last week, Eddy Cue senior vice president of software and internet services at Apple said today in an interview with USA TODAY that is now 11 million of people testing the Apple Music.

"We are impressed with the numbers so far," commented the executive. According to him, of the total 2 million users opted for the Apple Music family plan which is more expensive (US $ 15 monthly in the United States, US $ 8 monthly in Brazil), but entitles up to six people in the same family to enjoy the service.

Even before the launch of Apple Music, information emerged (unconfirmed) that the company's goal for the service is to reach 100 million subscribers. In other words, in just over a month of activity, she managed for the time ~ 10% of that, and it is worth remembering that for now no one is actually paying for it. That is, there is a long way to go.

In operation since 2006, competitor Spotify currently has about 20 million paid subscribers.

To try to win and retain more and more users, Cue said in the interview that his team is working as fast as he can to correct all the flaws reported about Apple Music.

In the same interview, Cue also revealed that App Store ended July with a record turnover of US $ 1.7 billion thanks to a very strong performance mainly in China. To date, Apple has paid developers $ 33 billion.

(via AppleInsider)