Themer: Theme App Reaches Public Beta

Themer: Theme App Reaches Public Beta

As ThemerYou can easily change the look of your smartphone. The app makes installing and testing themes a simple one-step process, and advanced configurations are also possible. Before, the app was only available with an access code (see article), but now it can be downloaded directly from the Play Store.


Themer was developed by MyColorScreen, one of Android's most popular theme platforms, so the user is guaranteed a wide choice. All available themes can be used immediately or customized to your liking. Plus, Themer learns over time which apps on your device you prefer, adapting to your preferences.

Installing very simple themes … / MyColorScreen
app themer screenshot 02
… and new visuals are constantly available. / MyColorScreen

In addition to the plethora of themes, the latest app update also improves the stability of some devices. Themer can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free (themes are also free). If you have already tested the app, let us know what you think in the comments!

Themer: Launcher, HD Wallpaper
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