The What's New MIUI 11

Xiaomi is a very popular brand in Brazil and has been increasingly in evidence since its official return to our country. On most of its phones, the company implements MIUI, a kind of interface for Android, which has some unique features and even unique features. This interface has reached its eleventh verse recently and the Digital Look show what has changed in it!

One of the main features of MIUI 11 is that it brings Android 10 to the brand's handsets, which brings some very interesting features. However, as soon as you install MIUI 11, the first thing you will notice differently is the new icons. Now, instead of adopting a more square look, they are rounded. This change can also be seen more discreetly elsewhere, such as on the dialer for making calls. Another place that also had its look revamped was the "Settings" menu, which features new icons and some of the key new features of MIUI 11.

Named “Ambient Display”, similar to Samsung's “Always on”, Xiaomi devices get more clock and background options to display along with notifications and other information while the phone is locked. Still on the visual side, if you like to change the background of the home screen, be happy to know that videos are now supported as dynamic wallpapers.

Already the dark mode, despite having been present in previous versions of MIUI, has gained an interesting news. Instead of being activated only manually, it is now possible to schedule a time for it to enter or exit action automatically. Those who are also looking to use their phones less in everyday life can take advantage of Google's Digital Wellness features, which include functions such as setting a maximum usage time for an app or information on how many times you have unlocked your phone. . Even for smaller features, it's now easier to take screenshots of long screens, like a WhatsApp conversation.

Leaving a little of the MIUI 11 settings and specific functions, the applications also received news to make our daily lives easier. Xiaomi's “File Manager,” thanks to a partnership with WPS Office, now brings a document reader to spreadsheets and text files natively. Already the “Annotations” app has been given a task function to add voice or text reminders to your tasks.

Another application that has not been forgotten is the Xiaomi Calculator. In addition to looking more modern, you can now use the app in PiP mode, so you can do math more easily without having to switch between apps. Those who also have the habit of sending files to others can take advantage of the “Mi Sharing” feature, which for now has limited compatibility with devices of certain brands. Also new that should be successful is the TikTok stickers that were integrated into the camera application for creating short videos, which was not available for all devices.