The war continues: Facebook launches the “Stories” feature in the main app

The technology marked by napolenic wars: Windows vs. Mac, Android vs. iOS, Apple vs. Samsung and so on.

The latest battle between Facebook and Snapchat.

Today Facebook announced the launch of the function Stories within your main application.

The move follows the company's latest moves: Mark Zuckerberg inserted the feature of photos that disappear on Instagram (Stories), on WhatsApp (Status) and Messenger (Day).

New Facebook feature

O Stories is positioned just below the search function.

Touching each icon, you see the latest photos and videos of your friends.

Everything disappears after 24 hours.

New Facebook feature

Just like on Instagram and Snapchat, there is the possibility to send photos and videos to only a few friends.

Photos disappear instantly after opening.

Dozens of filters and lenses are also available for use.

New Facebook feature

Why is Zuckerberg doing this? Because he needs slow down competitor growth.

Imagine that Facebook and Snapchat are in a car race.

Zuckerberg needs to slow down the car of Evan Spiegel, Snapchat's CEO, in order to get to the finish line first.

For this, he throws objects on the track, in an attempt to hit the ghost.

Imagine this competition as a Mario Kart game.

It doesn't really matter the quality of these launched objects, as long as the final objective is fulfilled.

And it's already working.

After the launch of Stories on Instagram, Snapchat has been seeing a sharp fall growth in the number of users.

THE startup something was growing around 10% per bimonth and, at the end of 2016, that number reached 3%.

Today there are just over 160 million active users.

The appeal should appear next week here in Brazil.

Facebook usually releases everything little by little, to test performance and reception first.

If you want to know a little more about Snap's trajectory and the company's next steps, watch this video with a brief analysis of the scenario.

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