The Transparency app is back to assist us in these Elections

The Transparency app is back to assist us in these Elections

At Eleies 2012, we highlight here the app Transparency developed by Edson Pieczarka Jr. and Michel Wilker. Because he is now back, all reformulated, for the 2014 Elections.

With the Transparência app, you can follow the politicians and their application information.

The Transparência App aims to show all the political history of the candidates: previous applications, declaration of assets, campaign revenues and expenses, certificates and government proposals, as well as cross-referencing the TSE open data with other open data sources to clarify the voters.

Open data from TSE and CNJ to identify those ineligible.

The information provided by the app is invaluable at the time of the decision of your candidates for president, governor, senator and federal / state deputies. Access to data from the National Council of Justice is certainly the big news of version 2.0 of Transparência.

It is an interesting thing that, as it is very complete, the app can be used at any time not just in the time of Eleies (remembering that, this year, the 1st round will take place on October 5th and the 2nd round on October 26th ). The best? It's completely free.

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