Lexus car used by Apple (Apple Car)

The stop is serious: Apple’s autonomous car fleet has multiplied 9x since last April

If anyone thought Apple was kidding when they started testing their system for autonomous cars, I can say that this person was sadly mistaken.

As reported by Bloomberg, the number of Apple vehicles running (almost) alone on California streets and roads with the company’s system is growing exponentially. Shortly after the initial authorization, received about a year ago, only three cars made up the fleet of self-driving vehicles from Apple; now, less than a year after this modest start, that number has already doubled – registration documents reveal that the company already has 27 cars on the streets.

Lexus car used by Apple (Apple Car)

All vehicles are models Lexus RX450h, equipped with a paraphernalia of cameras and sensors developed by Apple itself, as we have detailed in this post – apparently, this specific model is the favorite of companies that have tested autonomous steering systems for allowing the installation of modules with ease.

What is not yet known, of course, is what will come out of all this effort. Apple keeps its tests entirely under the curtains, without commenting officially, so we still have to wait a few more months (or years) to pass and this fleet will multiply even more so that we can know the practical result of all this.

Will it be a system for other manufacturers? Is it the mythical “Apple Car”? The future will tell!

via 9to5Mac