The stages of developers | Humor

The stages of developers | Humor

Here comes a selection of animated GIFs that portray various phases of programmers' lives.

We made a selection of images to make you laugh a little = D

I found a list of images that serve as a glove for you that programmer / developers roughly like and give a few laughs, GIFS are not always well regarded but these are different, come on? = P

Learning Linux
After reading the "PRO GIT" Manual
When someone tries to kill a zombie process
First experiment!
First version of Production
Snior developer teaching how to use your library
There's no point in testing the code, which can go wrong?
Too much coffee to stay up 20 hours to fix a big shit
When customer visits your workplace
Servicing the Server Without Backup
Gnome vs KDE, Python vs Ruby, JAVA vs C, EMACS vs VI, etc …

Hope you had fun, source here.

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