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The six most common Android errors and their solutions

But, what do these errors mean? Where do these errors come from, how can we fix them to continue using our smartphones as normal? Here are the most common errors and the simplest solutions that will allow you to enjoy your favorite apps with no problem!

Note: Before trying extreme solutions to these Android issues, we recommend that you try the following tips!

1. Play Store opening has been stopped

Play Store open unexpectedly stopped or Play Store unexpected lock: Why does this happen? This is annoying mistake for any user with a little less patience.

But, before drastically restoring to the factory default, removing the battery from the device (if it is removable) or trashing the device, try to solve the problem by following these simple steps:

V at: Settings> Apps> All> Google Play Store> Clear Cache and Clear Data.

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Try clearing cache and app data / ANDROIDPIT
<p>If this path does not bring you a happy ending, try to follow the same steps, but this time click "<em>Uninstall Updates "</em>. Google Play Store related errors are very common and solutions may vary depending on the cause of the problem.</p>
<p>We recommend you check out our more in-depth article about Play Store errors:</p>
<h2>2. Invalid File Package</h2>
<p>The Play Store opens smoothly, but when it's time to start downloading the error message "Invalid File Package" appears. Here, once again, that vein on his forehead begins to appear and throb as if it were going to burst with rage. Calm down, this problem can be easily solved by following these instructions:</p><div class='code-block code-block-5' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
<div data-ad=

A second alternative is to uninstall Google Play Services app updates. To do this, just go to: Settings> Apps> All> Google Play Services> Uninstall Updates.

3. Unexpected Android keyboard lock

When it's working well, comes the keyboard to ruin the party. Can't you write a message in peace because the keyboard stopped without explanation? Don't worry, we have a less drastic solution than a factory restore.

But be aware that doing so will eliminate all of your application settings, meaning you will have to login again to your email, Facebook, etc … and also have to re-set your sync, storage preferences. and even application notifications.

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Before jumping to a factory restore, try resetting the preferences / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Didn't work? If you don't want to resort to a factory restore, I recommend installing an alternate keyboard, like SwiftKey, to eliminate the problem once and for all. You can download Swiftkey via the button below:</p>
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SwiftKey Keyboard
Install on Google Play

4. Application quits unexpectedly

The Play Store is not the only application that may crash unexpectedly. So what does it mean to stop working? Is there any normal or abnormal way for an application to close? Aside from existential questions, this error message can happen at the opening of any application and, ironically, not just at its close or at random.

This problem can have several solutions: from wiping application cache and data to a factory restore of the device.

AndroidPIT best android apps 1
When you least expect it, an app comes and closes, out of the blue! / ANDROIDPIT

5. Device does not connect to network

This is certainly the most frustrating mistake that prevents us from connecting with the rest of the world. This is a very common mistake in the Samsung Galaxy S6, but in his exclusive. The error occurs when the device does not recognize the SIM card you inserted.

Unfortunately, this error can only be resolved by updating the device firmware. To do this, go to: CSettings> About Phone> System Updates> Update Software.

No updates available? Try manually installing the current device firmware, making sure that it is suitable for your model.

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Update device firmware or manually reinstall current / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>6. Error in the Process</h2>
<p>A annoying error that occurs mainly after a system or application update. If you already know that you recently installed a new application that could have caused the problem, try emptying the cache and deleting its data. This is always the first step in solving most Android errors.</p>
<p>If you have no idea which app may be causing the error, try disabling and reactivating the app at: <em>Settings> Apps> All> Download</em>.</p>
<p>It was no use? In our forum you find the solution to this error:</p>
<figure><img alt=

Was the error message that appears to you not listed above? Comment your problems below!

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