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The six best photo apps to earn money


FOAP is probably the best known platform for amateur and professional photographers, which is good and bad.

It's good because it means shoppers can choose from a huge selection of photographers and images, which keeps interest, but it's bad because it creates a fierce competition for those who want to profit from the platform.

The price standard is $ 10 per image, with half of that going to the photographer. As a large platform with many users, some brands also participate, which makes higher paying jobs appear (and therefore more competition). The new update brought a new user interface, some social functions, improved cashout options, an upload form template and several other tools to make it easier to sell images. Free download and FOAP do not charge you membership fees.

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FOAP is one of the largest photo markets available for Android / FOAP

Foap – Sell Your Photos
Install on Google Play


Snapwire, like all apps on this list, gives monetization opportunities to amateurs and semi-professionals alike.

However, it is slightly different from a general photo market, as the platform's emphasis is on quality images. This means that it is more attractive to semi-professionals, however, the app has gamification elements that may interest amateurs as well.

The app uses a system of Challenges or Requests so that the user can earn money, but before being able to answer the most lucrative famous brands, you will have to prove your skills and evolve your account. The focus here is to allow the photographer to have a working portfolio that can be easily accessed by buyers from where they can buy directly.

Snapwire rates are 30% for Challenges and Requests, and 50% for what is sold in the market or by individual profile. The platform encourages the use of the camera phone, but does not probe the use of other digital images in its terms of use.

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Snapwire Tima for semi-professionals / ANDROIDPIT

Snapwire – Sell Your Photos
Install on Google Play


Scoopshot changes the game a bit, making the competitions last only one day. It also lets you upload and monetize videos, which others on this list do not allow.

The result is an app that guarantees a daily winner for each Contest (which renews the interest of users daily), and a marketplace that allows you to decide the price of your images. It also makes life easier for those looking to search for images of a Pro by sorting by location, name or genre, which increases the chances of selling images.

To become a Pro on this platform, you only need to list your experience, location and provide a portfolio of at least 9 images so people can get to know your work. How much you earn as a photographer is not calculated as simply as in other apps (a flat fee if someone lowers your market image or a share of advertising revenue if the image is purchased by a network and used in advertisements), but it offers a lower entry level than other semi-professional platforms, as well as maintaining interest through daily activities.

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Scoopshot gives you full control over pricing and licensing / Scoopshot


Eye is one of the largest on this list, and it has advantages and disadvantages. On the bright side, a giant network of members combined with a scheme that gives new photographers visibility can help some people make noise, but it also means that there are millions of other users from whom potential customers can buy.

Unlike others on this list, EyeEm does not focus on being just a photo market. Instead, he works to bring people who love to photograph and share photos together through filters and other tools within the app, and by monetizing those images, has found a good way to get users back to the platform.

You can upload any images you want to sell or license in the market and keep track of the rights (the app allows you to assign different levels to each image, for example) while giving brands and agencies the opportunity to use the images on exchange a fee. Along with the traditional market there are exhibitions, awards, magazines and missions that help keep users using the platform.

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EyeEm boasts 18 million members / EyeEm

EyeEm – Photo Filters Camera
Install on Google Play


Markedshot (and next on that list, Dreamstime) has more basic and simple markets, focused only on providing a space for you to sell your photos. However, just like the others, it's the main way to make money like Markedshot through competitions.

Instead of a flat rate of $ 5 per photo on the market (of which you get half), Markedshot competitions are done by clients through projects with specific requirements – many are local projects, which require you to be one of a kind. certain location.

Of course, the budget for these competitions varies greatly by customer, their requirements and the number of images, but they tend to be $ 100 or more. However, it is not a place that works very well for semi and professional photographers.

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The Markedshot Marries a Market with a Brand Challenges / Markedshot

Markedshot – Photo Contests, Missions & Challenges
Install on Google Play


Like others already mentioned, Dreamstime provides a marketplace with the functions and features you expect, but it keeps everything incredibly simple. It also gives good feedback on sales and statistics by the app and tools for professionals.

The platform has a variety of licensing options for your images, and can reach up to $ 12 per image, depending on which option you choose. Although it has not yet reached the big brands, an app worth checking out.

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Dreamstime is a simple proposition compared to others / Dreamstime

Dreamstime: Sell Your Photos
Install on Google Play

Bnus App – miPic (iOS only)

Only miPic is included for its originality and for those who have an iOS device in some drawer. We know you're up for it.

With a different look at the market formats and competitions we've seen in this post, miPic can do something new and different. Like Snapwire, miPic emphasizes photographers while creating new monetization modes. The platform is more attractive to consumers than brands and agencies.

Of course it allows you to sell your images too, but it allows consumers to print the photo directly on some item (mugs, t-shirts, etc.). You, as the image creator, get 20% of every sale you use for your images. However, as I said, they are only available for iOS.


If you are looking for other apps to sell your photos, find some others that best avoid. Clashot hasn't been updated for over a year, and Iconzoomer for over 4 years!

This means that in addition to being a waste of time profiling them, they probably also have security risks. Applications such as operating systems should always be updated, so using an app that hasn't been updated for 4 years to make financial transactions doesn't seem like a good idea.

Do you know other apps to make money from your photos?

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