Como testar distros Linux sem fazer o download

The site every Linux fan needs to know!

The motto "Test before you hate" is the watchword on the "" site, a very interesting site for everyone who likes to test Linux distributions.

There are many different distros, with different interfaces and features, and it is very common to find people who are undecided when analyzing which system to use and whether or not they want to download each system and test on a virtual machine or even a normal installation. It turns out, not only being tiring, like taking too much time.

Your problems (almost) are over!

Linux distros

The site shows a large list of different Linux distributions so you can test in alphabetical order, allowing remote access to a virtualized distro, using QEMU and Debian as the base server (s).

Just select a distro you want, and click "System start".


By clicking this button, you may have to wait a few moments for the session to be prepared, it is also worth keeping an eye on the "Server Usage" bar, as it may be that many people are accessing the site simultaneously, which may cause slow.

Gentoo within DistroTest

The service is not perfect, definitely, especially because for us Brazilians, the server is far away in Germany, which ends up generating a bit of lag, but still allows you to have a "top view" of how each distro obviously works without considering the performance of the system itself.

You can optionally connect to the VNC using a tool installed on your machine, which may give you more stability when starting the machine on the DistroTest service, the information for this connection is offered.

I would like to thank Tiago Cardoso, who shared information about this site in our forum. Maybe with such a service, your pills for "distro hopping desease"end up having more effect.

See you next time!

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