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the sensation game of Android and its skins game sensasi Android dan kulitnya

PC success is finally available on Android, and it is also possible to change the skin of your cell with special motifs. Learn more about the game in this article and what names you need to enter to win the different skins.

How to play is already a mass phenomenon, at least on the computer. In the game, you control a small cell, which grows as you absorb smaller cells. At the same time, you must avoid larger cells, which can devour you. The longer you survive, the more experience points you will acquire. Finally, the game also has special cells that give it particular abilities.

But’s difference is in a detail that may seem small: it is possible, at the beginning of each session, to write a keyword and make your cell look different. These are called skins (skins in English).


The Brazilian Skin from / © ANDROIDPIT

List of skins for

For your cell to have a personalized skin, just type a keyword at the beginning of a match. The list grows constantly, and in this forum thread you have the main skins:

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