The rumor has changed: now the iPhone 5 * will * have * NFC, yes!

The rumor has changed: now the iPhone 5 * will * have * NFC, yes!

I thought the moon was volatile, but I'm starting to see that the variations of rumors about Apple gadgets are in no way due. In an hour, the next iPhone will almost certainly have NFC hardware (Near-Field Communications, or short-range communications); then, some comes and belies everything; Elizabeth Woyke Forbes, appears with a tweet like this:

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Okay, who to believe? I think in everyone.

See wellElizabeth, when talking over 140 characters on the subject, explains that her source has contacts in the NFC hardware industry and Apple, but interesting to note that the text mentions "Payment" only once and in a somewhat generic way.

The rumor about there being no NFC on Ma's next smartphone, on the other hand, was quite emphatic when mentioning "technologies for payment systems". Perhaps the presence of the hardware does not necessarily imply that it would be used to make purchases using the iTunes Store registration is a “have NFC” thing, but this can be confused with “have NFC for payments”. Consider the case of Bluetooth: whoever hears that the iPhone has this communication system immediately thinks about transferring files, music, photos, etc. We know that this is not the case.

What if the NFC capability of the next iPhone serves to integrate it with Macs or other iGadgets, analogously to the presence of a front camera with FaceTime? Hmmm That makes you think.

(via SAI)