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The Room is one that once made history at Apple and now reaches Android devices to the happiness of puzzle game fans. Structured as a graphic adventure, it brings an engaging atmosphere and a complex plot. To find out what lies behind The Room, we suggest that you continue reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.2Root: SimMods: None

App Details:

Wheel from Android: 2.0.1Size: approx. 158 MBOptimized for Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean: Yes

The Room, the 2012 app of the year for iOS devices, has arrived on Android and can now be downloaded from the Play Store. The game has a fairly slow pace at its inception with only one vault in the foreground. What's so exciting about it? The questions start to multiply and make the game interesting. Who does the vault belong to? Why is he missing? And of course: what's inside?

The game is not a classic fast paced game. On the contrary, it is a complex game whose systems and puzzles are part of the solving process. The machinery in the game must be moved by solving mysteries and puzzles. It will be necessary to find hidden objects, activate new machines, manipulate game elements and make deep inquiries. The atmosphere of the game reminds us of that of Da Vinci Code, with encrypted machines for which you must find a combination to access a secret room.

The first thing to do on the surface of the game is to find hidden locks or clickable buttons on the screen. Each object is designed in detail in three dimensions, which contributes greatly to further enhance the fascination with the game and also the mystery atmosphere of The Room. There are also some animations that are in the middle of the gameplay. This is all very convincing: If you insert a key into a lock thinking you have solved a puzzle, the puzzle will either bring in new puzzles or demand a search for new objects or missing information for the ultimate solution.

With the magnifying glass, you can stay inside precious clues or initially hidden secret rooms and passages. The messages and letters found throughout the game further explain the plot and ultimate goal of the game.


The Room is a puzzle game that benefits greatly from its surrounding climate. The developers have certainly created one of the best puzzles in circulation, even though the critical point of the app is the duration of the game as a whole: a few hours only. Nevertheless, the plot and the music contribute to creating a unique atmosphere, not to mention that the puzzles are quite original. Only at the last level do you happen to repeat some elements of the game. Anyway, if you haven't tried The Room yet, we recommend it.

Screen & Controls

The graphic itself would not be able to guarantee the success of a game, but in the case of The Room everything cooperates to create an original and well designed game. The graphic details are three dimensional and well defined.

Even the controls are very good and there is nothing to complain about: objects move with one click and double click you can zoom in on a certain element. Using both fingers on the display, the look returns to its previous dimension.

Speed ​​& Stability

The Room worked very well on our Galaxy Note 2. We did not notice any slow or stability issues.

Price / Performance Ratio

The Room can be purchased for 1.79 on Google Play. Which leads us to decrease the number of stars in this regard is the fact that this game only lasts a few hours, unlike others that guarantee fun even to infinity.