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The Room 2 arrives Play Store

If you like The Room, last year's award-winning puzzle game, you'll be glad to hear that the sequel to this popular game has just arrived at Google Play Store. Puzzle, puzzle, mystery game, all in a world of very accurate 3D graphics. The compliments received by the original are also valid for his successor.

High addictive factor: The Room 2 arrives Play Store. / Fireproof Games

The advertising video of The Room 2 better than many trailers Hollywood movie I've been seeing lately. In the game, you must follow the clues left by a series of letters from an enigmatic scientist. Each one further engages you in the game's complex plot.

Link to video

The game is based on interactive 3D environments that you must explore to unlock rooms and solve puzzles while following the messages left by the researcher known only to AS. Although it has very simple controls, its plot and story are so fascinating that you will soon be captivated. Like everything in this life, nothing perfect: like the first, The Room 2 is a paid app (approx. $ 9.00). Free alternatives you find in this article.

The Room Two
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If you have tried the game, tell us if you think it is better than the original!

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