Screenshot do app Asphalt 9: Legends

the racing game made even for those who don’t like racing games

Screenshot do app Asphalt 9: Legends

If you are a fan of racing games, you need to have Asphalt 9 installed. But if you don’t like this style, believe me: this game from Gameloft makes you rethink your concept. Calm down, I’ll explain everything below, but first, play this soundtrack, put your seat belt on and come with me to know this sequence.

Asphalt 9 car

In numbers: there are more than 50 supercars, 60 seasons, 70 very detailed tracks, more than 800 different events (and counting) and up to 8 players in real time multiplayer. In emotions: wow. Not only did the ultra-realistic graphics (in HDR, that is) blow me away, but also the gameplay. Curious? Take a look at this preview:

In fact, let’s talk about it: when you think you can’t improve the visual quality of mobile games, tcharam, you are surprised. The graphics are surreal on many tracks from great places like Cairo, Himalayas, Rome, San Francisco, Scotland and Shanghai. Clues that will make your eyes shine with a simple sunny day … or a great rain.

You also have the impression of «Where are we going to stop?» with so much visual evolution? This video shows a comparison from the first Asphalt to this revised version. A save for technology. Gameloft itself says, in the game description:

Each race is like watching an action movie.

Asphalt 9 Graphics

This all shows the beauty of incredible cars that we will never have from the brands Bugatti, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, W Motors and others – most of them you get with diagrams, completing daily missions and evolving your garage in the «Career». The cars are already beautiful naturally, but for those who like total customization, you can put stickers, change the colors of the rims and even the brake calipers. But I will not give an opinion on this or we will need to talk about who puts indiscreet capes covering the beauty of an iPhone. ?

Asphalt 9 - Car Brands

Eclectic without being cliché, Asphalt 9 has a soundtrack to be congratulated. 36 songs mix the alternative with dance, electronic and sometimes even rock. All this to create a spectacle for your game, bringing animation at the right time and tranquility at the end of the game – to (try) to prevent you from playing yours iDevice on the wall. #christmas

But, believe me: you’ll want to know the names of the songs to listen to later, so I’ve already done that for you. Clicking here you can see the playlist on Apple Music; here if you are a Spotify user, with all the songs in the game.

And finally, let’s talk about gameplay. One of the differences from this to the previous one, Asphalt 8, is called TouchDrive. According to Gameloft, it is «a new steering system that frees you from the wheel so you can enjoy all the arcade action in the game»; in other words: it is much easier to play.

Asphalt 9 - Wheel

In theory, with this option enabled, the car will go alone to the finish line following a predetermined path without any collisions. With that you still control: which way the car goes at a fork, when and how to use the turbo, skidding and maneuvers. In practice what sounds like something very easy is, in fact, in some situations, the opposite for a simple reason: driving like this is a breeze for you, it will also be for all other players. That is, you will need a combination of maneuvers, drifts and lots of nitro blasts to destroy competitors’ cars, something in the style Burnout. But what fun would it be if everything was easy?

Optionally, you can take control of the steering wheel, brakes and even steering sensitivity. Practicality is lost, but freedom is gained: certain shortcuts previously not available by TouchDrive they are now reachable by manual control. It’s your choice. Just don’t try to do that on the street, okay?

For the first time in the Asphalt franchise we have “Teams”, a kind of club or clan to gather points and reputation and win prizes. With each individual race the team gains some reputation points and, reaching a few milestones, you get packs of cards, tokens and diagrams. The evolution of the cars is even faster when there is a team engaged daily. And if you’re going to play, don’t forget to look for the “MacMagazine” team over there, but just don’t delay – there are only 20 places!

Gameloft thought so much about the social game that it even created a partner program. If you are gamer and produces content for YouTube, you can gain early access to the game versions, personalized images, privileged communication with the team and even promotion on the game’s social networks. Just sign up here.

I tested the game on an iPhone 5s, an iPhone X and a sixth-generation iPad. On all devices I did not notice lags or locked, except in some rare situations in the mode multiplayer. Unfortunately, the older device was warmed up more than normal and the battery was 100% to 0% in a short time. If you don’t have an iOS device, the game is also available on Android and Windows.

Asphalt 9 - Cars

Here are some observations: there could be more traffic in the game, you need internet to play, the diagrams are not easy to get if you don’t play many times a day and I still mention the lack of a “redo the race” button, so you don’t have to go through all the menus again when you are unable to finish a mission.

In response to the requirement for the internet to play, Gameloft told the MacMagazine that “the fact that the game always requires connection is mainly due to hacks. In this way, we can avoid players who use cheats and then enter competitive mode with other players. ” [sic]

Asphalt 9: Legends app icon

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My grade

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Bonus: tips and wallpapers

I have separated three tips that I wish someone had told me at the beginning:

  1. Don’t spend chips (the currency premium) with credits. This you can achieve with few runs.
  2. Do not use imported parts as soon as you win. Leave it when you see that you need to level up your car for an emergency or important event.
  3. Evolve the car evenly in its aspects. There is no use, for example, having a top speed at the top if your handling is low – so you will have difficulty turning the car.

And above, a gallery with three wallpapers for your iPhone. My favorite is what it says: “Good players win races. Legends change the game. ” Inspiring, isn’t it?