The problems are endless: users are reporting popping sounds on their new MacBooks Pro

The problems are endless: users are reporting popping sounds on their new MacBooks Pro

I know, I know: every new product that is susceptible to failures and problems things that engineers missed in the testing phase and are discovered by poor "lucky" users. Some of these flaws are very mild, others are quite explosive. The fact: I don't remember a product in recent Apple history with as many problems reported by users around the world as the new ones. MacBooks Pro And look, I'm not even talking about the many critical design concepts, but real flaws.

By the way, we've done two beautiful compilations of small defects of the most different types found on Ma's newest computer (1, 2), as well as covering a strange malfunctions on the keyboard responsible for producing a weird sound on some keys. Now, guess what, we have more reports of a weird sound coming out of the machines this time, however, the issue seems to have nothing to do with the keyboard.

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

Not official Apple forum and website MacRumors, an increasing number of users have reported that their new MacBooks Pro are producing strange "pops"; the sounds, according to one of the affected ones, assimilate to those obtained by squeezing a PET bottle with your hands and seem to come out of the computer base. reports are divided about the precise location of the noise source; Some claim that it comes from just below the trackpad, while others say it comes from near the articulation with the screen.

Apparently the almost exclusive problem of the 15 inch models, although the 13 ″ version has also appeared in some reports. There is no pattern for popping, but they seem to be more frequent when the machine is in the midst of more intense activities (such as games or heavy software) and the fans come into action with more force. One of the users wrote:

The sound occurs rarely can go several days or more without me hearing it. When it does appear, however, it can happen two or three times within a half hour. I cannot make any association with what I am doing at the time of occurrence, so I cannot reproduce it.

Apple has not yet commented on the issue, prompting the community to raise a range of possibilities for the problem. The biggest concern has to do with the battery, whose largest portion is below the computer's trackpad as is well known, a crackling sound coming from a battery is never a reassuring signal. Other users, however, have suggested that noises may be related to joint heating: as is well known, all material expands or contracts with temperature changes, and perhaps this oscillation is causing something to not work at its most perfect. harmony in there.

Still, even if the problem does not affect the functioning of the computer at all, it is obviously something that should not be happening. Some of the affected users took their MacBooks Pro to Apple stores or authorized assistants and were frustrated: some reported that they had their logic boards replaced and yet the problem persisted, while another, whose machine has a small dent, was informed that Replacing the lower case (which, according to the service, would solve the problem) would cost $ 130 even with the computer under warranty because it was a defect caused by the customer himself.

We will be waiting for an official response from Apple to the case. In the meantime, I address the owners of the new MacBook Pro who read this text: Have you noticed any strange sounds of this kind on your machines recently?

(via AppleInsider)