The problem with Linux is the software and not the difficulty of use.

Even bigger windows because of the variety

Already Linus Torvalds said, "Operating system is good that is not present to the user," and could not have been more categorical this exceptional citizen of geek culture.

Windows Apps

I recently got itchy to use some native Windows software such as Camtasia, Sony vegas, Unity engine… among other good software that almost made me put Windows on DualBoot after almost 2 years without it on the computer, two years ago I used it because of college, and today my computer only has Linux because Windows never missed very large.

Camtasia Studio 8

Install Windows A Dilemma

When I look at the lack of video drivers on Linux I think that on Windows my life would be quieter but I remember the crashes, the viruses, the dlls, the toolbars etc and I come back to reality but I really I wanted to use the programs I commented earlier, I don't care if their license is proprietary, I'm not that kind of user, I'm the kind that thinks freedom does not fill my belly, I use Linux because it's the best and not because I feel free, this just one of the advantages.

Linux community

Was I then thinking, installing or not installing Windows 7 or Windows 8 on my computer to use these programs? Who knows they know that they are references for making professional video editions, tutorials and gameplays, which we are trying to do on the Diolinux YouTube Channel, using only programs that run on Linux, if running on Wine runs on Linux right?

Until all right, Camtasia even installs its trial version but it doesn't work, if it worked I would actually buy the software, but there was no time, as much as I am a wine expert for Wine this time it didn't work out.

Damn life! Will I have to use Windows to enjoy good software?

Then I was touched that this was not quite the question and yes, When will we have Linux software as good as the owners?

I know there are good software for the purpose that I seek, I have been turning with them including, KdenLive, Kazam and Audacity have been a phenomenal trio for me, all the videos of the channel were made with these programs, but if Camtasia had verse For Linux I could do what these 3 do with a program if with great quality, maybe even with superior quality.

Obviously not the fault of Linux

Of course not Linux, Ubuntu is able to run any of these programs if they were ported to our platforms (Ubuntu was just an example), see Steam games; due to the lack of interest in the market of companies that develop software that got us in this impasse, Usurios / Quality.

We can't overburden Free developers, of course I'd love to see Kazam have the same functionality as Camtasia, but possibly developers are very poorly paid compared to Camtasia developers, and yet they make the software available for free.

Linux still does not beat Windows not because of difficulty but lack of programs

Of course there is a whole history of market domination behind, but the truth is that the difference in the use of a Linux system from a Windows system is very small, it looks different, but only that, if the things (programs) that users were looking for were not there. Linux and not on Windows people would migrate, this leads us to a clear conclusion, every system has its advantages and disadvantages but the main advantage of Windows having leading programs in their segments.

If Linux had a larger market share even Microsoft would make a decent Skype for the Penguin system, would make an Office for Linux, and while Linux has no programs because it has no users, it has no users because There are no programs … we were in this impasse.

Just today I was debating in a Facebook group about compatibility between Calc and Excel, often having compatibility issues.

Nowadays Ubuntu caters for just about any kind of generic users, but when we need to do specific tasks that can come with the hassle, a good system is also a system that is bad for any kind of work, and no matter how buggy Windows is on it that many People still deposit their professional life.

"Blessed are those who already use Linux, for the future will be of you" – Acts of Nerds 1: 1

To finish the text and summarize it all, what is missing for Linux is just a few programs, the rest would come in jail, schools giving basic Linux courses, companies migrating to Linux for free and have the software it needs, games would be released. before to Linux and then to Windows … and I'm dreaming …

Even with a smaller variety of programs Linux still has many more qualities that make it the best operating system in the world if we are going to put it all in balance.

In your opinion, what can you do to change this picture and attract developers to Linux?NOTE: Oh, and I didn't install Windows, I haven't hit my head that hard! xD Share to show to your friends Want to stay on top of everything that happens here?