The (not so) brilliant solution from Apple for those who want to use wired headsets and charge the iPhone 7 at the same time: the Dock Lightning

You can be sure that this story of removing audio output on iPhone 7 it will still give a lot, a lot of cloth to the sleeve. Yesterday I mentioned that one of the main complaints from consumers would be the impossibility of using a wired headset and charging the device at the same time, considering that Apple did not grant the device the induction charging feature, which came to be speculate.

Thinking about it, a reader of 9to5Mac decided to send an email to Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing and one of the big advocates of change. Zaheen Hafzer asked the executive how to charge the iPhone 7 and listen to music with a wired headset at the same time, and Schiller’s response was … well, to say the least, not quite as satisfying.

Hi Zaheen,

I like listening to music through my AirPods while my iPhone 7 Plus is charging, so that I can move around freely.

However, if you want to use wired headsets while charging an iPhone 7, you can do that too.

Apple’s Lightning Dock includes an audio output for using wired headsets or speakers while charging the device.

Hope this helps.

Okay, Phil. There is certainly no other scenario where you want to charge your new phone and listen to music with your good old headphones while not being at the comfort of your desk – this, of course, considering that you already have the blessed Dock or don’t mind spending a modest R $ 380 on it.

If you’re on public transport and want to charge your iPhone with an external battery? Oh, how naive of me: nobody will have this problem because nobody in their right mind will leave an iPhone 7 in sight on a bus or subway, right? Next!

What if your car doesn’t have a modern sound system and you want to charge your iPhone in the 12V socket and use an auxiliary cable to connect it to your speakers? Well, in this case it’s obviously time for you to buy a new car. With CarPlay. Or another cell phone other than an iPhone, but who could want that, right?

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Well, the good part about the fact that absolutely every aspect of the new iPhone was leaked before launch was that accessory manufacturers had months to prepare, think about what we would need for the future and announce these new products immediately after Apple’s presentation. .

THE Belkin he did just that by developing – according to his own words “together with Apple”, which certainly reflects the paragraph above – a more elegant, smarter and far less brazen solution than the one suggested by Schiller.

Belkin Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar

The Lightning Audio + Charge Rockstar for iPhones 7 and 7 Plus is exactly what you expect: a simple Lightning port duplicator to satisfy the desires of those thirsty for wired music and electricity at the same time. Either port serves to charge the iPhone or listen to music, either through the new EarPods with Lightning (included in the box with the iPhone 7/7 Plus) or with your old headphones. Of course, in this case, you will have to use too the adapter provided by Apple, which will certainly be a very elegant solution to complement the design of your beautiful shiny black iPhone 7.

Belkin’s adapter supports 24-bit and 48kHz audio outputs and, according to the manufacturer, is compatible with most (upcoming) cases for the iPhone 7/7 Plus, in addition to carrying the MFi certificate. It will cost the bargain of $ 40 and will be sold from October 10 by Apple in its physical and online stores, in addition to Belkin’s own website.

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