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The New York Times abandons Apple News and claims lack of control over relationship with readers

The New York Times announced on Monday that it had decided to end its partnership with Apple's news platform. The articles of this media organization are no longer part of the information content presented by the service.

The American newspaper not only considers that the partnership contributed little to the development of a closer relationship with the readers, as it also says that it was given little control over how this relationship was established. The company hopes to be able to redirect users to its own website, in order to continue its "investment in quality journalism".

In response, Apple issued a statement saying that the Times only provided "a few stories a day", so it continues to provide reliable information, provided by thousands of other publications. In addition, the technological giant writes that it too remains committed to financing "quality journalism, through business models such as advertising, subscriptions and sales".

The newspaper also writes that the information industry has had a troubled relationship with Silicon Valley. "Companies like Google and Facebook have decimated newspaper advertising sales, as they have eliminated the intermediate position of news sites by positioning their own pages as the main information consumption platforms," ??he explains.